Welcome to the wordpress of Hallelu!

Hallelujah had a BIG surgery in May.  The doctors successfully removed a cancer mass attached to one of her little bitty titties, they removed that as well.  Additionally, they pulled 10 of her little teeth out and her baby making machine. All this in one day and she powered through.  She’s recovering great!  The doctors took her stitches out and are happy with her progress.

So, why a Hallelujah Fund?  To help with expenses.  She maxed out of her doggie insurance and I maxed out of my rainy day fund. Note: I am recovering from a tonsillectomy and thus not working my regular hustle for 3 weeks.  Creatively, I’m trying out a fun way to fundraise by providing unique experiences and services in exchange for a donation.  Explore the tabs and thank you for considering us!